Preparing Your Cake for the Edible Photo

Preparing Your Cake for the Edible Photo


Preparing baked cakes
Step 1: To fix a mounded top of a cake, place your cake on to a non stick board and whilst holding it in place. Make sure that the knife is parallel to the surface that you’re working on, cut through the cake, sawing and turning until you make your way around the whole cake.
Step 2: Level any parts that you have missed, and cut off any of the hard crust.
Step 3: Now you need to measure the half way point of your cake, and saw through the middle of the cake.
Step 4: Flip over the top half of your cake to behind your bottom layer
Step 5: Using a brush, remove any loose crumbs.
Step 6: Spread an even layer of butter cream (or your chosen filling) on the bottom layer of your cake
Step 7: Spread a thin even layer of jam (or your chosen filling) on the top half of your cake
Step 8: Carefully flip the top half back onto the base of your cake and make sure it’s centred!


Covering cake with sugar paste
Step 1: Sprinkle corn flour on the surface you’ll be using.
Step 2: Knead your sugar paste until it’s soft and pliable, and if at any point starts sticking, put more corn flour down.
Step 3: Now you need to roll your sugar paste out, you want to aim for around 5-7mm (if you purchase spacers to help you achieve this size)
Step 4: Every now and then to prevent sticking you want to lift and turn your sugar paste and ensuring there’s enough corn flour down.
Step 5: Once you’re happy with the thickness, that best way to move your sugar paste is to use your rolling pin and if necessary the palm of your hand (DO NOT USE FINGERS, AS THEY WILL GO STRAIGHT THROUGH THE ICING!)
Step 6: Position the centre of the icing with the centre of the cake and place on top.
Step 7: With a cake smoother, you want to smooth out all of the air bubbles and imperfections in your icing. Don’t forget about the sides!
Step 8: Trim the excess around the base of your cake using a sharp knife so it cuts nice and neat.
Step 9: Give it another smooth over with your cake smoother, and leave for about a day to stiffen up before decorating it.


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