April at EYP

Eat Your Photo Update

Hi all!

Quick update from the Eat Your Photo HQ. We’ve had a great year so far and April has kept in suit. With more and more¬†people enjoying our Birthday Cakes Online and Personalised edible photos each week, you are making us behind the website very busy indeed. We also supplied a few companies hundreds of personalised corporate cupcakes¬†this week, both celebrating milestones of their own.

Our social media has also been busy these last few weeks with many people sending in images of their own Photo Cakes, which look awesome! A big thanks to everyone that has contributed images of their own cupcakes or birthday cakes with our edible photos.

Have you tried our super-cool Personalised Gift Cakes yet? Some say that the best things come in small packages, we agree! The same beautiful sponge in a small gift size, a 16cm square cake but at 8cm high making it a big treat for few or a slice for up to 18! See the Gift Cake page to see it for yourself.  Perfect for any occasion or just a treat for a night in.

That is all from us for now, we hope everyone enjoys our Cakes Online over the weekend and we will leave you with a picture of a panda chillin’ with some bamboo

Panda Picture

Over and out.


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