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Preparing Your Cake for the Edible Photo

Preparing Your Cake for the Edible Photo


Preparing baked cakes
Step 1: To fix a mounded top of a cake, place your cake on to a non stick board and whilst holding it in place. Make sure that the knife is parallel to the surface that you’re working on, cut through the cake, sawing and turning until you make your way around the whole cake.
Step 2: Level any parts that you have missed, and cut off any of the hard crust.
Step 3: Now you need to measure the half way point of your cake, and saw through the middle of the cake.
Step 4: Flip over the top half of your cake to behind your bottom layer
Step 5: Using a brush, remove any loose crumbs.
Step 6: Spread an even layer of butter cream (or your chosen filling) on the bottom layer of your cake
Step 7: Spread a thin even layer of jam (or your chosen filling) on the top half of your cake
Step 8: Carefully flip the top half back onto the base of your cake and make sure it’s centred!


Covering cake with sugar paste
Step 1: Sprinkle corn flour on the surface you’ll be using.
Step 2: Knead your sugar paste until it’s soft and pliable, and if at any point starts sticking, put more corn flour down.
Step 3: Now you need to roll your sugar paste out, you want to aim for around 5-7mm (if you purchase spacers to help you achieve this size)
Step 4: Every now and then to prevent sticking you want to lift and turn your sugar paste and ensuring there’s enough corn flour down.
Step 5: Once you’re happy with the thickness, that best way to move your sugar paste is to use your rolling pin and if necessary the palm of your hand (DO NOT USE FINGERS, AS THEY WILL GO STRAIGHT THROUGH THE ICING!)
Step 6: Position the centre of the icing with the centre of the cake and place on top.
Step 7: With a cake smoother, you want to smooth out all of the air bubbles and imperfections in your icing. Don’t forget about the sides!
Step 8: Trim the excess around the base of your cake using a sharp knife so it cuts nice and neat.
Step 9: Give it another smooth over with your cake smoother, and leave for about a day to stiffen up before decorating it.


How to Make Your Cake

In order to use one of our incredible edible photos you are going to need a cake to put it on. In our next series of blogs we’ll be taking you through the process of making your cake, covering it with sugarpaste and then adding the all-important photo cake decoration.

We’ll start with the ingredients to make a simple sponge cake:
400g Caster Sugar
400g Unsalted Butter (softened)
6 Large Eggs
400g Self Raising Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
4 tsp Milk (optional)


Preparation for baking
Part 1: Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 5 (190°C/375°F)

Part 2:
Line your cake tins.
Step 1: Place your tin on top of a sheet of greaseproof paper and draw around the base with a pen or pencil. (Image 1a)
Step 2: Cut out the circle that you’ve just drawn
Step 3: For the edges of your tin, you want to cut strips that are a couple of centimetres larger than the depth of your tin.
Step 4: Fold over the extra centimetres, and cut to the fold and do this every few centimetres. (Image 1b)
Step 5: Once you have enough length you want to lightly line the inside of the tin to help the greaseproof paper to stick to the tin.
Step 6: Put the long strips along the side of your tin, with the cut edges folded onto the bottom. (Image 1c)
Step 7: Place the greaseproof circle on to the bottom of your tin on top of your folded edge. (Image 1c)

Step 1: Using an electric mixer or a wooden spoon, cream together your sugar and butter until you have a light and fluffy mixture
Step 2: Adding just one egg at a time beat well until the mixture is smooth. (Image 2a)
Step 3: Sift in our flour and baking powder (this will help your cake rise) and carefully fold into the mixture. (Image 2b)
Step 4: Half your mixture into you two different tins and level the mixture out. (Image 2c)
Step 5: Put both of your cake tins into the oven and check them after 20 minutes
(The best way to check to see if your cakes are ready is to stick a skewer into the middle of each cake and see if it comes out clean. If there’s mixture on the skewer, they’re not ready!)
Step 6: Flip the cakes onto a cooling rack and peel off the greaseproof paper, leave them until they’re completely cool until you decorate them.


Happy Baking!

Photos on Pizza


Photos on Pizza
After having massive success producing edible photos for cakes, we at Eat Your Photo, decided there must be
As you can imagine it took a long time but we have now mastered the edible photo for Pizza. It can be printed more uses, more occasions and more applications for this fantastic product.
We soon realised that pizzas would be ideal, they are now massively popular, used at parties and gatherings and an ideal size to which you can apply an image. We also realised that there are massive differences between pizzas and birthday cakes – pizzas are hot and savoury and moist, instead on sweet and dry, this would create a whole lot of problems.
Not to be deterred we set about developing a product and methods that would enable the same effect on the pizzas that we have been achieving on celebration cakes for years. The first problem was the heat, we needed to develop a printable, edible sheet that could withstand the heat of a pizza without just dissolving away, then it had to have a taste that would complement the flavour and it would have to have the ability to be cut.
with any photo, image or logo; it blends into the hot cheese perfectly, it has got a gentle cheesy taste and it tears perfectly when a slice is lifted.


If you would like to try one of our pizza photos and get everyone amazed at your next gathering just visit this page: order your very own personalised pizza photo!

Start the trend today and order today at

Eatyourphoto team

The Gift Cake

A new edition to the Eat Your Photo cake range is the gift cake. After receiving loads of positive feedback about our cakes, both photo cakes and canvas cakes, there was one thing that kept popping up:

“We absolutely love your cakes and would love to send one as a gift to my friend, do you make them in smaller sizes?”

We originally developed our cake range with the intention of supplying big parties/celebrations and large corporate/promotional events and therefore designed them accordingly, not only were they ample in dimension but deep as well to make sure everyone was completely satisfied. Not only did we design the cakes around this idea but also the packaging, along with a major packaging company, we developed a system whereby all our cakes would arrive in the condition that we sent them out – PERFECT!

Always happy to please our customers we set about developing the perfect cake for people to send as a gift or a thank you, or a message or just for fun. It was back to the drawing board with the packaging as dealing with a smaller cake gave us a lot of new challenges in that area and we didn’t want something that had been done before – how could we add the wow factor?

Our solution was to build a box that was strong enough for the job and then create an inner frame to make sure the cake was totally secure in transit but not only that we have made the packaging part of your design, you can have your image printed onto the packaging as well as the cake itself. Choose to have your cake photo extend out over the packaging or choose to have a separate design on the packaging to enhance the design on your cake.

It’s probably better to take a look for yourself at

Although it is the smallest cake in our range at 16cm square, 8cm high and weighing in at 1.4Kg it certainly packs in loads of cake – it’s the little cake that BIG! Couple that with the added impact of the packaging design and you are sure to impress with this gift.

It is with great pleasure that I can now announce that the gift cake is through the development stage and is ready to order through our website so don’t delay and get your order in now.

Gift cakegift cakes


Eatyourphoto team