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Simple Cake Decorating

Hello from EatYourPhoto

edible-printsA quick update from the EatYourPhoto HQ.

We have recently expanded our offices to add more phone lines and increase our printing capabilities to keep up with recent demand and new personalised edible products that are coming out soon and we are very excited about, but we can’t reveal them yet!


We’ve improved our personalised cake toppers even further with our investments in better edible printing technology we are able to get a fine detailed result. Cake decorating couldn’t be easier with cake toppers from simply order online with your own design, anything at all, and you will receive your cake topper, sized the way you want and pre-cut, ready to use straight out the packaging. Simple! You can personalise any sort of cake for any sort of person, wether its a fondant iced cake, dry-iced, birthday cake, anniversary cake, christening cake, make any occasion special with a personal touch from a personalised cake topper. They are simple to apply by just peeling it off its backing sheet and placing on top of your chosen cake, you will receive instructions with your order too to guide you through the process. During humid conditions the edible photos may appear soft, in this case simply place your edible photo into the freezer for 10-20 seconds and it will harden up almost instantly and will peel away from its backing with ease. If you ever experience any difficulty we are by the phone Monday to Friday 8-5pm to help with any queries at all.

If you are struggling with how to design your cake topper we can help there too! We have a huge range of personalised cake topper designs for you to choose and edit as you wish. You are able to add text and images to many designs to tweak them just how you want them and still get that personal feeling of designing it yourself. Impress everybody at your event with a personalised cake.

We also received many submissions of customer made cakes on our social media platforms, check out our social media pages for more information and inspiration from other cake decorators and see what they are doing with their cakes. Also if you require any advice, post it online and either us or our followers will help you out.

If your not into doing the work yourself, don’t worry we can do it for you. With a large range of personalised cakes delivered we will have something that right for you. Personalised Photo Cakes, Personalised Canvas Cakes, Personalised Gift Cakes and Personalised Cupcakes are all available from our website and for order today and delivery within 2 working days.

We also specialised is big corporate orders, if your looking for a supplier of quality personalised cake for any occasion for your company we offer brilliant rate, contact one of our team for more help. Personalised Cupcakes are a great incentive for a monthly department target smash, not only is it delicious staff we also have something physical to show appreciation of their efforts.


EYP Team

Corporate Cakes

Do you want to enhance your brand and give your customer’s/employees/suppliers somehing they will not forget? Personalised edible photo cakes or personalised cupcakes from Eat Your Photo are the perfect way to do that! We can serve any quantity required however we may need some notice depending on the quanitity required.

Producing corporate gifts is not uncommon for us, we have produced many orders for popular newspapers, high street jewelers, software companies and more. We do offer discounts for bulk and subcription orders. So whether its a monthly acheivement or annual celebrations we can meet your needs.

Popular for corporate gifts are our personalised cupcakes, photo cakes, gift cakes and our personalised chocolates. Whether you are ordering in small or large quantities of personalised confectionary you will still receive the brilliant Eat Your Photo service and quality that we are proud of. All our cakes are made with the best locally sourced ingredients, our edible photos are printed onto the finest quality icing paper and our chocolates are made with pure belgian chocolates. It truly is the best way to make an impact with your brand and you will not be forgotten.

If your looking for something different then you can choose our personalised cookies or personalised fudge brownies which are made in our own tradional bakery by our experienced bakers. As always they are also personalised with your own brand and taste absolutely delicious! We can also cater for selections of our products, let us know your budget and we will piece together the best variety of personalised edible gifts for that price.

If you think this would be good for your brand then do not hesitate to contact our team via email: or call us on: 01773 602249 and one of our team will work with you.


If you haven’t already you can sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest Eat Your Photo offers first.

We have had many reviews of our products recently and to give an independant opinion of our service and product, a few can be found here or our twitter page (Psst! There’s currently a free personalised cupcake giveaway running on some)



Eat Your Photo offer

Hi all 

Just a quick update from everyone at Eat Your Photo, as most of you will know we have a discount code active throughout January to the value of £15. We’re happy that lots of people has taken to this offer and its made us very busy during the past week. There has also been a lot of you sending in your pictures of what you’ve been creating with our edible photos and they’ve been great! See one of those entries below.

Also we’ve been working hard on expanding the range of gift cake frames for you to choose from and you will be able to see them soon on our site, if you have any ideas for a border will be happy to create it for you and add it to our range. Comment below if there’s border that you’d love to see. 

Have any feedback or tips for us? We read all posts to our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. Message us on there and we will be sure to get back to you.

If you are interested in finding out more information on the offer, click here or click the banner below

January Eat Your Photo Offer

We have exciting things developing for 2015, and we can’t wait to show them to you, keep up to date with us for the most exciting thing in personalised edible products 😀

We’ve also been adding more photos on our instagram account, if your an instagrammer search for EatYourPhoto to follow us 

 Check out our most recent Gift Cake review at the bottom of this post to see a honest review of our products 

Troubleshooting with Edible Photos

Edible Photos are really simple to use and 99% of the time you will wonder what all the fuss was about when you here:
“I had real trouble with my edible image, it just wouldn’t come off of the backing sheet.”
The simple fact is that 99% of the time the weather conditions UK are perfect (you’ve not heard that before) and your cake topper will just fall off its backing sheet and you will have no problem at all.

Without trying to cause alarm that there could be a problem I would like to prepare you for the 1% of the time when the weather does not play ball. The problem is when we suffer extreme humidity, the icing sheets are very thin and absorbent, and it is possible for them to absorb the moisture from the air and become much softer, this has the effect of making them stick to the backing.

As long as you are aware of the problem then there is no need to worry, if the icing sheet is sticking then we need to follow some simple steps. There are two different options, we can either dry the sheet (to extract the moisture) or we can freeze the sheet (to make the moisture solid).

Let us address the drying method first. To remove moisture we can either put it in a dry environment, an air conditioned room is excellent for this or we can apply heat which will cause the moisture to evaporate. Putting it in the oven on the lowest heat with the door open or applying a hairdryer directly onto the printed image will have the desired effect. Pull the sheet over the edge of a table, this will also help with the release.

The quickest method and the one that I favour is putting your edible photo in the freezer for about 20-30 seconds (do not leave it in any longer thinking it will stiffen more as the freezer is, in itself, a moist environment and leaving for prolonged periods will make the problem worse). This will make the icing photo stiff, you need to then bend the backing sheet immediately when taken out, the backing will bend and the edible photo will not and so they will separate. The tip with this method is to do it as soon as you get it out of the freezer (inside the freezer if possible) as when it is in the humid environment it will soon soften again.

Well I hope that helps and does not frighten anyone off as this problem is very rare and these few simple steps will sort everything out. The effects you can achieve with edible images are well worth the effort.

So happy baking!

Eatyourphoto team

Hello world!

Welcome to Eat Your Photo’s brand new blog and we are really excited about it.

We will be bringing you all the latest news from Eat Your Photo, all the great offers and all the news on product development. There will be lots of new and exciting ways to get your personalised edible photos, cakes, chocolates and much much more!