Customer Cake Pictures

Hi all!

Firstly, thank you for your support and sending in photos and reviews on our Facebook page! 


We’ve had a lot of activity in recent months on our Facebook page of you lovely lot sending¬†in photos of your creations with our edible photos, and we’re impressed! There has been many creative submissions¬†giving us all some inspiration. We love what you’ve all been doing so far and look forward to seeing some more of your hard work.

To showcase a few, here are some examples. But many more can be seen on our Facebook page (link at the bottom):

bluebell cake design Bland1


Mince Pies

Another innovation from Eat Your Photo is being offered for this Christmas that we’re really proud to announce, personalised mince pies delivered. A delicious, traditional mince pie with your own edible image¬†on, made in our bakery in the heart of Derbyshire using the expertise gained over almost 100 years.¬†At only ¬£10 for 12! This is sure to be the new thing this Christmas to surprise your friends and family!¬†


Edible Photo

However if its a quality edible photo or photo cake that your after, we have produced many Christmas set designs for you to choose from to make the process easier. You can take a look at those here. Otherwise of course we are still offering the same 5 star service for any fully personalised edible photos and photo cakes delivered.  

Happy Baking!

Ryan (EYP team)

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