Eat Your Photo and the Edible Photo

Edible Photos have been a remarkable addition to the cake decorating world since their inception around 12 years ago. It was around that time that we brought the technology over from America to enhance our cakes for sale through our bakery outlets in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.
It soon became clear that there was a much wider audience for this incredible addition to cake decorating so we decided to expand onto the internet and test the water, so to speak. The response was fantastic, before we knew it we were employing new staff just to cope with the edible photo production and we had to acquire new skills in computer software and design as customers requested more and more complicated effects with their images.
At first our market was the professional cake decorator, to allow them to offer picture cake toppers as part of their repertoire and add the wow factor. We had underestimated the amount of people that make cakes as a hobby for themselves or family and friends and as the internet became more and more popular many of these people began ordering from us and creating photo cakes of their own.
There was another massive user of photo cake toppers and the reason became obvious. Companies could promote their brand or product in a totally new and refreshing way, leaving their prospective clients, literally, with a pleasant taste in their mouth. Promoting their company at shows and exhibitions with wonderfully enticing edible goodies was a sure fire winner.
We now started to think of other ways we could enhance the edible photo and other mediums that we could print on. The first idea struck while we were on holiday seeing people have their caricatures drawn. What a centrepiece that would make for any celebration, a caricature of the birthday boy/girl, retiree, couple etc. on a cake, sure to make a focal point/conversation starter at any party!
We scoured the globe for the best caricaturists out there and began to offer this service on our website, another hit on the World Wide Web and the first company in the world to offer this service. The potential for the icing photo was just blossoming and was further put into focus with the immerging trend of the humble cupcake. Becoming a worldwide phenomenon, with cupcake boutiques opening in most towns and cities, this was an ideal medium to personalise with an edible photos or logos so to answer this we created the pre-cut cupcake topper, perfectly sized for these delectable treats.

Edible Photo

You can now see our edible photos on our website as well as our range of set designs and alterations we offer to any image at The same care and attention is given to each and every edible photo ordered since the innovation began.

Eat Your Photo team

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