A few weeks ago we got in touch with a bloggers and they kindly agreed to write a review for our gift cakes and one for our cupcakes by post. The feedback was their own and they all enjoyed our produce, success!

We’re happy that people are enjoying our cake and we look forward to serving more of you.

The reviews:


Currently we are looking for more bloggers for reviews of our products.¬†If you are a blogger please email to see if we can collaborate, you will receive free cake too! ūüėÄ

Eat Your Photo offer

Hi all 

Just a quick update from everyone at Eat Your Photo, as most of you will know we have a discount code active throughout January to the value of ¬£15. We’re happy that lots of people has taken to this offer and its made us very busy during the past week. There has also been a lot of you sending in your pictures of what you’ve been creating with our edible photos and they’ve been great! See one of those entries below.

Also we’ve been working hard on expanding¬†the range of gift cake frames for you to choose from and you will be able to see them soon on our site, if you have any ideas for a border will be happy to create it for you and add it to our range. Comment below if there’s border that you’d love to see.¬†

Have any feedback or tips for us? We read all posts to our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. Message us on there and we will be sure to get back to you.

If you are interested in finding out more information on the offer, click here or click the banner below

January Eat Your Photo Offer

We have exciting things developing for 2015, and we can’t wait to show them to you, keep up to date with us for the most exciting thing in personalised edible products ūüėÄ

We’ve also been adding more photos on our instagram account, if your an instagrammer search for EatYourPhoto to follow us¬†

 Check out our most recent Gift Cake review at the bottom of this post to see a honest review of our products 

Happy New Year from Eat Your Photo

Hi all! 

We hope everyone has had a great Christmas and 2014 and we are looking forward to what is yet to come in 2015. However to set us all off on a good start we’ve got an offer of ¬£15 off our photo cake, lasting throughout January only. You are able to use the deal now, to receive on any date in the future so use it while it lasts! See the cake offer page here

Recently we got a few professional bloggers to write reviews on our gift cakes and personalised mince pies and we was pleased with the feedback that we got! Take a look for yourself;

If your interested in viewing the rest they are all on the Eat Your Photo Twitter page. If you are a blogger we may have an opportunity for you to test some delicious cake for free, either tweet us or email us at

If your looking for some inspiration on what to do when decorating your cake, you can take a look at our Facebook page. We consistently update the page with what our customers are making with their edible photos. Check out the Eat Your Photo Facebook page. Below is an example of a recent picture sent in by a customer.

That is it for now, all the best!

Ryan EYP team

Use of edible photo

Customer use of edible photo from our Facebook page

Black Friday at Eat Your Photo

Black Friday Sale at Eat Your Photo

Personalised Edible ProductsWe are pleased to inform you that we are having a black friday sale too! We are offering a 20% discount on all products from us and an additional £5 off our personalised edible photo cakes delivered. You are able to order a cake delivered with the discount to be delivered at any later date, so order now to make the most of our offer!

However if your not after a cake you can choose from our substancial range of products, for example your photo printed onto chocolate, or a personal caricature drawn just for you buy our own in-house caricature artist. Anything to make the focal point of your event truely personalised and unique. Eat Your Photo really is the first stop for quality, personalised edible products.

Check out the latest on our social media here and enjoy the shopping packed weekend!



Customer Cakes using EYP edible photos

Eat Your Photo customer cakes headerEdible photo from EYPHi again all

Its been a busy few weeks at Eat Your Photo and many people have been sending in their own hard work to our Facebook page, and we’re impressed. So here is a few more examples of how our edible photos have been used sure to give inspiration for your own photo cakes. Also we’ve been working on bringing you more set designs

We’re delighted that people have taken to the new edible photo mince pies, we sent out over 200 just last week! Be sure to send in pictures of them in use so we can add them to our website.¬†

  Edible photo from EYPMinecraft Cake   Eat Your Photo Customer Cake

Furthermore, Christmas is getting closer (just 38 sleeps!) why not give something better than a card and surprise a special someone with a personalised Gift Cake including a photo and personal message. See those here

For a bit of fun, check out this awesome marriage proposal. See definitely was not expecting this!



Customer Cake Pictures

Hi all!

Firstly, thank you for your support and sending in photos and reviews on our Facebook page! 


We’ve had a lot of activity in recent months on our Facebook page of you lovely lot sending¬†in photos of your creations with our edible photos, and we’re impressed! There has been many creative submissions¬†giving us all some inspiration. We love what you’ve all been doing so far and look forward to seeing some more of your hard work.

To showcase a few, here are some examples. But many more can be seen on our Facebook page (link at the bottom):

bluebell cake design Bland1


Mince Pies

Another innovation from Eat Your Photo is being offered for this Christmas that we’re really proud to announce, personalised mince pies delivered. A delicious, traditional mince pie with your own edible image¬†on, made in our bakery in the heart of Derbyshire using the expertise gained over almost 100 years.¬†At only ¬£10 for 12! This is sure to be the new thing this Christmas to surprise your friends and family!¬†


Edible Photo

However if its a quality edible photo or photo cake that your after, we have produced many Christmas set designs for you to choose from to make the process easier. You can take a look at those here. Otherwise of course we are still offering the same 5 star service for any fully personalised edible photos and photo cakes delivered.  

Happy Baking!

Ryan (EYP team)

w:                                                                                                          Facebook:

Developments at Eat Your Photo

Developments at Eat Your Photo

The last bank holiday break was all work no play at Eat Your Photo we have been busy trying to upgrade the procedures behind the scene to improve your Eat Your Photo experience. We are currently undergoing testing for a new courier service and we will soon be offering a free cake in return for a review of our packing and service (yay, free cake!). So make sure you keep up to date with our social media and sign up to our newsletter to get their first! More exciting things are being developed behind the scenes but for now they will stay unpublished.

Do you want a say in what changes at Eat Your Photo? Email us at:


Don’t forget that you can still enter every week for a chance to win £5 off, just send us a picture of you enjoying a product from Eat Your Photo and we will announce the winner on a Friday.


A few weeks ago we was happy to supply Goldsmiths Jewellers with a cake for each of their stores, it was done is a short period of time but everyone was happy with the result and we received some good feedback. Thanks to Goldsmiths for choosing Eat Your Photo!

You can see their website here:

Recent Social Media updates from Eat Your Photo

Wedding Dance Video – Facebook

If you haven’t seen already you should check out the latest video that we shared on our Facebook,

a ‚Äúgroom and his groomsmen‚ÄĚ dance. Where at a wedding the groom decided to put on a

choreographed dance with his groomsmen to surprise his newly wedded wife.

See it here: Eat Your Photo Facebook

Procrastibaking ‚Äď Twitter

Procrastibaking we’re guilty too!!.. We feel you procrastbakers ūüėČ




Don’t forget to like and follow us if you haven’t already (links below) and happy baking!


#AteMyPhoto РA chance to win a £5 gift voucher!

atemyphoto header


Who wants free stuff? Of course you do.

We are happy to inform that Eat Your Photo will now be doing a weekly giveaway. Each and every Friday one lucky customer will receive a ¬£5 voucher to spend at Eat Your Photo. ¬†All you have to do is send us a picture of you enjoying your Eat Your Photo¬†product and you’ll be entered into a draw of which a random entrant will win ¬£5 off their next order!
You can submit your photo via email, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag “#AteMyPhoto“.


Don’t miss out on our sale currently on our Facebook page!


Visit our Facebook page here to see the latest offer and get the code to use for yourself. But be quick! There are are only a limited amount of codes available and they are going fast. 

Happy Baking!







Photo Editing

We spend a lot of time here at Eat Your Photo editing pictures and we always try our best to improve each image that we receive to produce into¬†edible images, this means that we have learnt a lot along the way. We can’t give tips on the software that we use but here are two great (and¬†free!) tools that are easily accessible and recommended to everyone:

Both will be useful for anyone when ordering with us as you can edit it how you want. By no means is this compulsory but a handy tool for our customers to use. If you decide to use any of these tools be sure to make the image to the size that you require, if your wanting a circle edible photo we’ve added a circle template to use as a freebie!

To Get The Best Results


There are a number of things that you can do to make the most of your edible photo, here are a few of the most important factors. Firstly if the edible photo is for a birthday cake then try to find an image where the recipient is the clear subject of a image and ideally in the centre. Secondly a clear, bright and colourful image will make your cake stand out and keep it the focus of the party. Finally if your wanting a circular image please remember that we will need to crop it into shape so the corners will be lost! Although please note that 99% of photos we receive are fine to use and Eat Your Photo will always contact you if ever we cannot use a image or if we feel that a different image would be better we will speak to you first.

In the meantime check out some of our customer’s cakes from this week below!

Edible Photo Birthday Cake       Edible Photo Birthday Cake       Edible Photo Birthday Cake
Be sure to send us in some of your cakes with Eat Your Photo’s edible images as well as keep up to date with us via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Circle template here


Preparing Your Cake for the Edible Photo

Preparing Your Cake for the Edible Photo


Preparing baked cakes
Step 1: To fix a mounded top of a cake, place your cake on to a non stick board and whilst holding it in place. Make sure that the knife is parallel to the surface that you’re working on, cut through the cake, sawing and turning until you make your way around the whole cake.
Step 2: Level any parts that you have missed, and cut off any of the hard crust.
Step 3: Now you need to measure the half way point of your cake, and saw through the middle of the cake.
Step 4: Flip over the top half of your cake to behind your bottom layer
Step 5: Using a brush, remove any loose crumbs.
Step 6: Spread an even layer of butter cream (or your chosen filling) on the bottom layer of your cake
Step 7: Spread a thin even layer of jam (or your chosen filling) on the top half of your cake
Step 8: Carefully flip the top half back onto the base of your cake and make sure it’s centred!


Covering cake with sugar paste
Step 1: Sprinkle corn flour on the surface you’ll be using.
Step 2: Knead your sugar paste until it’s soft and pliable, and if at any point starts sticking, put more corn flour down.
Step 3: Now you need to roll your sugar paste out, you want to aim for around 5-7mm (if you purchase spacers to help you achieve this size)
Step 4: Every now and then to prevent sticking you want to lift and turn your sugar paste and ensuring there’s enough corn flour down.
Step 5: Once you’re happy with the thickness, that best way to move your sugar paste is to use your rolling pin and if necessary the palm of your hand (DO NOT USE FINGERS, AS THEY WILL GO STRAIGHT THROUGH THE ICING!)
Step 6: Position the centre of the icing with the centre of the cake and place on top.
Step 7: With a cake smoother, you want to smooth out all of the air bubbles and imperfections in your icing. Don’t forget about the sides!
Step 8: Trim the excess around the base of your cake using a sharp knife so it cuts nice and neat.
Step 9: Give it another smooth over with your cake smoother, and leave for about a day to stiffen up before decorating it.