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edible-printsA quick update from the EatYourPhoto HQ.

We have recently expanded our offices to add more phone lines and increase our printing capabilities to keep up with recent demand and new personalised edible products that are coming out soon and we are very excited about, but we can’t reveal them yet!


We’ve improved our personalised cake toppers even further with our investments in better edible printing technology we are able to get a fine detailed result. Cake decorating couldn’t be easier with cake toppers from simply order online with your own design, anything at all, and you will receive your cake topper, sized the way you want and pre-cut, ready to use straight out the packaging. Simple! You can personalise any sort of cake for any sort of person, wether its a fondant iced cake, dry-iced, birthday cake, anniversary cake, christening cake, make any occasion special with a personal touch from a personalised cake topper. They are simple to apply by just peeling it off its backing sheet and placing on top of your chosen cake, you will receive instructions with your order too to guide you through the process. During humid conditions the edible photos may appear soft, in this case simply place your edible photo into the freezer for 10-20 seconds and it will harden up almost instantly and will peel away from its backing with ease. If you ever experience any difficulty we are by the phone Monday to Friday 8-5pm to help with any queries at all.

If you are struggling with how to design your cake topper we can help there too! We have a huge range of personalised cake topper designs for you to choose and edit as you wish. You are able to add text and images to many designs to tweak them just how you want them and still get that personal feeling of designing it yourself. Impress everybody at your event with a personalised cake.

We also received many submissions of customer made cakes on our social media platforms, check out our social media pages for more information and inspiration from other cake decorators and see what they are doing with their cakes. Also if you require any advice, post it online and either us or our followers will help you out.

If your not into doing the work yourself, don’t worry we can do it for you. With a large range of personalised cakes delivered we will have something that right for you. Personalised Photo Cakes, Personalised Canvas Cakes, Personalised Gift Cakes and Personalised Cupcakes are all available from our website and for order today and delivery within 2 working days.

We also specialised is big corporate orders, if your looking for a supplier of quality personalised cake for any occasion for your company we offer brilliant rate, contact one of our team for more help. Personalised Cupcakes are a great incentive for a monthly department target smash, not only is it delicious staff we also have something physical to show appreciation of their efforts.


EYP Team

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