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Photo Cake Delivered

Personalised photo cakes are the perfect celebration cake for any occasion. They can be used as an Anniversary Cake, Birthday Cake, Newborn Cake, Corporate Celebration Cake, A Well Done Cake, anything at all. We seen it all and you really cake make your cake perfect for any occasion with your personalised photo on top. We then add a little design to the edges in our own bakery and add a colourful ribbon around the edge to fit in with your design.

With your own personalised photo cake online, the possibilities are endless and you can be sure to get a big smile on the recipient’s face. We have also recently made delivery cheaper after negotiations with our secure courier service, so delivery cost is now just ¬£5 making it great value for money too. And, as always, our cakes are made with the very best ingredients we can find and are made fresh to order on our own premises, so we know exactly what goes into every cake.

You can order your photo cake online today and receive within two days! We need just 48hours notice at the most to produce your order, but we do make some spares too for urgent orders!


Check them out on the link above and enjoy simple party planning!


Personalised Cupcakes

Have you seen our personalised cupcakes yet? Following our recent re-design of our cupcakes they have become more and more popular. Our personalised cupcakes are currently available in two beautiful flavours, chocolate and vanilla. Both with amazing quality that taste great! We’ve also offered them for review online and have had amazing feedback there too. No-one can be sad with a cupcake.¬†

Have photo cupcakes delivered to your door from £13 or as little as £1.25 each. We can supply any quantity required. Cupcakes really are great for parties, personal gifts, corporate gifts and just about anything else you can think of. 

personalised cupcake

As always we’ve put a big effort into creating the best quality cupcakes we can. In pursuit of the best ingredients we have UK sourced, quality ingredients to make our sponge taste amazing and well as the fudge-ice that is made in house by our team of professional bakers. Our cupcakes are then topped with sugar paste and our edible photo that is the same edible photo as we sell on our website, easy to use and a quality edible print.¬†

In addition to our beautifully tasting cupcakes you we also have our team of experienced image editors to make sure your image looked the best it can and shows your message clearly. 

“Not just any cupcakes but amazing and delicious cupcakes with my logo on” – emahonline

Cupcake Toppers

Otherwise, if you like to bake things yourself, you can always “personalise” your own baked cupcakes with our edible photos that we provide, currently available are two sheets of pre-cut circles, one at 5cm circle (12 per sheet) and another at 3.6cm (30 per sheet). You are able to combine up to 6 different images on a sheet and have your own message too. We are provide the same outstanding, speedy service as we do with all photo cake decorations. We are available for help and advice on our contact number if ever it is needed.¬†

Happy baking


Edible Photos at Eat Your Photo

For the love of photo cakes

The start of it all! Eat Your Photo was one of the very first suppliers of edible photos in the UK. They are the reason that started on the internet and the stepping stone for us to now supply the wonderful range of personalised edible gifts, photo cake decorations and more. So we hold the quality and supply of them very dear to our hearts. At Eat Your Photo you can guarantee that you will receive a brilliant quality edible photo / photo cake topper / icing picture, whatever you’d like to call it, fully personalised to your specification and delivered to your door as soon as possible. We can produce your personalised cake topper at your door the next day when you order as late as 4PM. And our sales team are available for any advice or questions that you may have relating to designing your own masterpiece from 8AM to 4:30PM Monday to Friday. On our edible photo alterations page you can see our 10 years of photo editing experience put to the test with multiple options on what photo alterations we can offer you.

Our edible photos¬†can be made to any size from 1cm to A3 size on a single sheet. In any shape you may require so that you can make the perfect image for your cake on any occasion. We also offer a wide range of set designs for most of our products if you are stuck for ideas, we have a wide variety of designs from halloween cupcakes and father’s day cakes to personalised birthday cakes and wedding anniversary cakes. We only use good quality icing paper so that they are the tastiest and easiest to apply, we avoid the rice paper that is offered elsewhere online and these are bad tasting and difficult to apply while producing a sub-standard quality print making your personalised photo application an arduous task. With Eat Your Photo Birthday Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers, they will be easy to apply, will not interrupt the taste of your cake and you will have full support available on our phone line.¬†

You can also have your personalised cakes display to the EYP community on our Facebook page or Twitter feed to show off your talent. Whether your a novice or a pro, there are other like-minded people wanting to see and help what you do with your photo cake decorations. 

Edible photo from EYPBirthday Photo Cake

Happy baking!



Eat Your Photo and the Edible Photo

Edible Photos have been a remarkable addition to the cake decorating world since their inception around 12 years ago. It was around that time that we brought the technology over from America to enhance our cakes for sale through our bakery outlets in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.
It soon became clear that there was a much wider audience for this incredible addition to cake decorating so we decided to expand onto the internet and test the water, so to speak. The response was fantastic, before we knew it we were employing new staff just to cope with the edible photo production and we had to acquire new skills in computer software and design as customers requested more and more complicated effects with their images.
At first our market was the professional cake decorator, to allow them to offer picture cake toppers as part of their repertoire and add the wow factor. We had underestimated the amount of people that make cakes as a hobby for themselves or family and friends and as the internet became more and more popular many of these people began ordering from us and creating photo cakes of their own.
There was another massive user of photo cake toppers and the reason became obvious. Companies could promote their brand or product in a totally new and refreshing way, leaving their prospective clients, literally, with a pleasant taste in their mouth. Promoting their company at shows and exhibitions with wonderfully enticing edible goodies was a sure fire winner.
We now started to think of other ways we could enhance the edible photo and other mediums that we could print on. The first idea struck while we were on holiday seeing people have their caricatures drawn. What a centrepiece that would make for any celebration, a caricature of the birthday boy/girl, retiree, couple etc. on a cake, sure to make a focal point/conversation starter at any party!
We scoured the globe for the best caricaturists out there and began to offer this service on our website, another hit on the World Wide Web and the first company in the world to offer this service. The potential for the icing photo was just blossoming and was further put into focus with the immerging trend of the humble cupcake. Becoming a worldwide phenomenon, with cupcake boutiques opening in most towns and cities, this was an ideal medium to personalise with an edible photos or logos so to answer this we created the pre-cut cupcake topper, perfectly sized for these delectable treats.

Edible Photo

You can now see our edible photos on our website as well as our range of set designs and alterations we offer to any image at www.eatyourphoto.co.uk. The same care and attention is given to each and every edible photo ordered since the innovation began.

Eat Your Photo team