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Edible Photos at Eat Your Photo

For the love of photo cakes

The start of it all! Eat Your Photo was one of the very first suppliers of edible photos in the UK. They are the reason that started on the internet and the stepping stone for us to now supply the wonderful range of personalised edible gifts, photo cake decorations and more. So we hold the quality and supply of them very dear to our hearts. At Eat Your Photo you can guarantee that you will receive a brilliant quality edible photo / photo cake topper / icing picture, whatever you’d like to call it, fully personalised to your specification and delivered to your door as soon as possible. We can produce your personalised cake topper at your door the next day when you order as late as 4PM. And our sales team are available for any advice or questions that you may have relating to designing your own masterpiece from 8AM to 4:30PM Monday to Friday. On our edible photo alterations page you can see our 10 years of photo editing experience put to the test with multiple options on what photo alterations we can offer you.

Our edible photos can be made to any size from 1cm to A3 size on a single sheet. In any shape you may require so that you can make the perfect image for your cake on any occasion. We also offer a wide range of set designs for most of our products if you are stuck for ideas, we have a wide variety of designs from halloween cupcakes and father’s day cakes to personalised birthday cakes and wedding anniversary cakes. We only use good quality icing paper so that they are the tastiest and easiest to apply, we avoid the rice paper that is offered elsewhere online and these are bad tasting and difficult to apply while producing a sub-standard quality print making your personalised photo application an arduous task. With Eat Your Photo Birthday Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers, they will be easy to apply, will not interrupt the taste of your cake and you will have full support available on our phone line. 

You can also have your personalised cakes display to the EYP community on our Facebook page or Twitter feed to show off your talent. Whether your a novice or a pro, there are other like-minded people wanting to see and help what you do with your photo cake decorations. 

Edible photo from EYPBirthday Photo Cake

Happy baking!



Photo Editing

We spend a lot of time here at Eat Your Photo editing pictures and we always try our best to improve each image that we receive to produce into edible images, this means that we have learnt a lot along the way. We can’t give tips on the software that we use but here are two great (and free!) tools that are easily accessible and recommended to everyone:

Both will be useful for anyone when ordering with us as you can edit it how you want. By no means is this compulsory but a handy tool for our customers to use. If you decide to use any of these tools be sure to make the image to the size that you require, if your wanting a circle edible photo we’ve added a circle template to use as a freebie!

To Get The Best Results


There are a number of things that you can do to make the most of your edible photo, here are a few of the most important factors. Firstly if the edible photo is for a birthday cake then try to find an image where the recipient is the clear subject of a image and ideally in the centre. Secondly a clear, bright and colourful image will make your cake stand out and keep it the focus of the party. Finally if your wanting a circular image please remember that we will need to crop it into shape so the corners will be lost! Although please note that 99% of photos we receive are fine to use and Eat Your Photo will always contact you if ever we cannot use a image or if we feel that a different image would be better we will speak to you first.

In the meantime check out some of our customer’s cakes from this week below!

Edible Photo Birthday Cake       Edible Photo Birthday Cake       Edible Photo Birthday Cake
Be sure to send us in some of your cakes with Eat Your Photo’s edible images as well as keep up to date with us via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.



Circle template here


Edging Strips/Edible Ribbon

Here at Eat Your Photo we have recently added a new item to our edible photo range – the edging strip, which acts as a personalised edible ribbon. We have all seen cakes decorated with ribbons and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but imagine if you could decorate that ribbon with a design of your own or even have full colour photos printed onto it, then imagine if it were edible!

This is where Eat Your Photo come in with their range of predesigned or design yourself edging strips. We print any image that you desire from school photos to facebook images to company logos in long thin strips of edible icing sheet so that you can apply them to the sides of your cakes and make a cake that is out of this world. Your edging strips come in ten inch long strips so they are easy to handle and apply and your image will join seamlessly to create one continuous mural around your masterpiece.

Expand your cake designs into another dimension and add edible ribbon to your cake design repertoire. We have a range of set designs to choose from; for the kids we have popular favourites like Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and Ben10; for the ladies we have floral patterns and for everyone we have candles, balloons, celebration wishes and seasonal images. Also there is the ever popular film strip which creates a very desirable cake design, showing images through a couples’ courtship for the wedding cake or a chronological set of photos for a big birthday like a 40th or 50th.


Of course you are free to create your own artwork and we will produce your design with the same efficient service that we apply to all our products using the finest quality products. So visit our website www.eatyourphoto.co.uk and have a look at the new edging strips!

Eatyourphoto team

The Gift Cake

A new edition to the Eat Your Photo cake range is the gift cake. After receiving loads of positive feedback about our cakes, both photo cakes and canvas cakes, there was one thing that kept popping up:

“We absolutely love your cakes and would love to send one as a gift to my friend, do you make them in smaller sizes?”

We originally developed our cake range with the intention of supplying big parties/celebrations and large corporate/promotional events and therefore designed them accordingly, not only were they ample in dimension but deep as well to make sure everyone was completely satisfied. Not only did we design the cakes around this idea but also the packaging, along with a major packaging company, we developed a system whereby all our cakes would arrive in the condition that we sent them out – PERFECT!

Always happy to please our customers we set about developing the perfect cake for people to send as a gift or a thank you, or a message or just for fun. It was back to the drawing board with the packaging as dealing with a smaller cake gave us a lot of new challenges in that area and we didn’t want something that had been done before – how could we add the wow factor?

Our solution was to build a box that was strong enough for the job and then create an inner frame to make sure the cake was totally secure in transit but not only that we have made the packaging part of your design, you can have your image printed onto the packaging as well as the cake itself. Choose to have your cake photo extend out over the packaging or choose to have a separate design on the packaging to enhance the design on your cake.

It’s probably better to take a look for yourself at eatyourphoto.co.uk

Although it is the smallest cake in our range at 16cm square, 8cm high and weighing in at 1.4Kg it certainly packs in loads of cake – it’s the little cake that BIG! Couple that with the added impact of the packaging design and you are sure to impress with this gift.

It is with great pleasure that I can now announce that the gift cake is through the development stage and is ready to order through our website so don’t delay and get your order in now.

Gift cakegift cakes


Eatyourphoto team


Edible Caricatures

I am sure when that you hear the words Edible Caricature the first thing that you think is:
“What on earth is all this about?”
It all started when I was on holiday with my family and, as you do, came across a caricaturist who had set up a small stand to catch the evening tourist trade. This caricaturist was very good and a crowd soon gathered to see what was going on and there was lots of laughter and oooh’s and wow’s.

In a eureka moment it came to me that if we could harness this excitement into one of our products we would be onto a winning formula and so the Edible Caricature was born. There were a few challenges along the way, first of all we had to find the best caricaturist (who was able to draw fantastic images from photos), then we had to find a way of getting suitable images of the subject to the artist (this was in the early days of email), then the caricature back to us, we then had to make an edible version and get this to the customer all in a timely fashion. Of course when it is needed for an important celebration, being late is not an option!

It took a while but we eventually overcame all these obstacles and was able to offer this service not only within a tight timeframe but at exceptional value as well. We had rave reviews and people told us it added an extra dimension to the humble birthday cake and was always a major talking point at any celebration.

I am going to have to admit that we did make one big mistake along the way. The problem was that a lot of people did not want to cut their cake and loose the fantastic artwork so (slightly red faced, as we had not thought of this problem) we offered a FREE hard copy so the lucky recipient could save it as a reminder of their great day.

Edible Caricatures have gone on to be one of our top sellers and we are proud of the fact that we brought these two great things together to make a lot of happy people.

Have a look through our site for some great examples of our artwork below and more at eatyourphoto.co.uk

Caricature example Caricature example


Eatyourphoto team


Eat Your Photo and the Edible Photo

Edible Photos have been a remarkable addition to the cake decorating world since their inception around 12 years ago. It was around that time that we brought the technology over from America to enhance our cakes for sale through our bakery outlets in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.
It soon became clear that there was a much wider audience for this incredible addition to cake decorating so we decided to expand onto the internet and test the water, so to speak. The response was fantastic, before we knew it we were employing new staff just to cope with the edible photo production and we had to acquire new skills in computer software and design as customers requested more and more complicated effects with their images.
At first our market was the professional cake decorator, to allow them to offer picture cake toppers as part of their repertoire and add the wow factor. We had underestimated the amount of people that make cakes as a hobby for themselves or family and friends and as the internet became more and more popular many of these people began ordering from us and creating photo cakes of their own.
There was another massive user of photo cake toppers and the reason became obvious. Companies could promote their brand or product in a totally new and refreshing way, leaving their prospective clients, literally, with a pleasant taste in their mouth. Promoting their company at shows and exhibitions with wonderfully enticing edible goodies was a sure fire winner.
We now started to think of other ways we could enhance the edible photo and other mediums that we could print on. The first idea struck while we were on holiday seeing people have their caricatures drawn. What a centrepiece that would make for any celebration, a caricature of the birthday boy/girl, retiree, couple etc. on a cake, sure to make a focal point/conversation starter at any party!
We scoured the globe for the best caricaturists out there and began to offer this service on our website, another hit on the World Wide Web and the first company in the world to offer this service. The potential for the icing photo was just blossoming and was further put into focus with the immerging trend of the humble cupcake. Becoming a worldwide phenomenon, with cupcake boutiques opening in most towns and cities, this was an ideal medium to personalise with an edible photos or logos so to answer this we created the pre-cut cupcake topper, perfectly sized for these delectable treats.

Edible Photo

You can now see our edible photos on our website as well as our range of set designs and alterations we offer to any image at www.eatyourphoto.co.uk. The same care and attention is given to each and every edible photo ordered since the innovation began.

Eat Your Photo team