Troubleshooting with Edible Photos

Edible Photos are really simple to use and 99% of the time you will wonder what all the fuss was about when you here:
“I had real trouble with my edible image, it just wouldn’t come off of the backing sheet.”
The simple fact is that 99% of the time the weather conditions UK are perfect (you’ve not heard that before) and your cake topper will just fall off its backing sheet and you will have no problem at all.

Without trying to cause alarm that there could be a problem I would like to prepare you for the 1% of the time when the weather does not play ball. The problem is when we suffer extreme humidity, the icing sheets are very thin and absorbent, and it is possible for them to absorb the moisture from the air and become much softer, this has the effect of making them stick to the backing.

As long as you are aware of the problem then there is no need to worry, if the icing sheet is sticking then we need to follow some simple steps. There are two different options, we can either dry the sheet (to extract the moisture) or we can freeze the sheet (to make the moisture solid).

Let us address the drying method first. To remove moisture we can either put it in a dry environment, an air conditioned room is excellent for this or we can apply heat which will cause the moisture to evaporate. Putting it in the oven on the lowest heat with the door open or applying a hairdryer directly onto the printed image will have the desired effect. Pull the sheet over the edge of a table, this will also help with the release.

The quickest method and the one that I favour is putting your edible photo in the freezer for about 20-30 seconds (do not leave it in any longer thinking it will stiffen more as the freezer is, in itself, a moist environment and leaving for prolonged periods will make the problem worse). This will make the icing photo stiff, you need to then bend the backing sheet immediately when taken out, the backing will bend and the edible photo will not and so they will separate. The tip with this method is to do it as soon as you get it out of the freezer (inside the freezer if possible) as when it is in the humid environment it will soon soften again.

Well I hope that helps and does not frighten anyone off as this problem is very rare and these few simple steps will sort everything out. The effects you can achieve with edible images are well worth the effort.

So happy baking!

Eatyourphoto team

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