What is an edible photo?

Edible photos are icing sheets printed with edible inks using specialised equipment, which produces photo quality edible images. Personalised with your own image or artwork, an edible photo can make any celebration extra special. Made from real icing (not edible or rice paper) the sheets are very thin and come on a backing sheet, which is peeled away before you place it on your cake.

What are the ingredients?

For full documentation of ingredients click here.

What kind of celebrations are suitable?

Absolutely any kind of celebration can be made extra special with a photo cake. Birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, weddings, home comings, house warmings, leaving parties, corporate entertainment and anything else you can think of.

How do I get my photo to you?

You can upload your image while placing your order or send a hard copy through the post to Beach's Bakery 48 Leabrooks Road, Somercotes, Alfreton, Derbys. DE55 4HB

I've got a very old photo, can it still be used?

Yes, the age of the photo is irrelevant, the edible reproduction will look exactly like the image you send.

Will I get my photo back?

Yes we will send your photo back with your completed order.

I want alterations, will you have to cut my photo?

No. Any alterations to your image are made to the scanned image on a computer. You will receive your photo back in its original condition.

Does the size of the photo matter?

We can use any photograph from the size of a postage stamp to A4. However if you want a large image from a postage stamp size photo there may be slight loss of quality when it is enlarged. When e-mailing, virtually any size file will do.

When e-mailing, which format should I use?

Preferably jpg, however we can accept many other formats, including word documents, powerpoint docs, excel spreadsheets, coreldraw images, tiff, bitmap, photoshop images, acrobat documents. Please e-mail us with special format requests. info@eatyourphoto.co.uk

Can I send a black & white photo?

Yes, you will receive a black & white edible image.

How long will it take?

If you select SPEED PROCESSING your order will be dispatched the same day by first class post. If you select royal mail special delivery you are guaranteed to receive your image by 1pm the following day. Normal orders are dispatched within 1-2 working days.

What sizes are available?

Click here to see full details of available sizes.

How will I receive my edible photo?

You will receive your order through the post. It is packed securely in polythene, in a hard backed envelope sandwiched between stiff cardboard. We have sent thousands of images through the post without any ever being damaged.

What do I do when I receive my photo?

If you are not using your image immediately, store at room temperature in it's packaging. Lay flat and do not put anything on top of it.

What can I put my edible image onto?

Your image can be transferred onto celebration cakes, fairy cakes, muffins, biscuits, chocolates and even pies.

I have received my photo, can I trim it to fit my cake?

Yes, you can trim the photo with scissors, it's as simple as that. Do this while still on it's backing, it makes it easier.

What size of cake do I need?

Click here to see full details of the sizes of our edible images. You can bake or buy a cake the same size of the photo to cover the entire cake or alternatively use the photo as a centrepiece. The choice is yours.

What kind of icing is suitable?

The edible image can be used with almost any icing as long as they have no surface moisture, which could cause the colours to bleed. Sugar paste/fondant, buttercream and royal icing are ideal. If a cake covering that has a high moisture content (fresh cream) is desired, all is not lost. Put the image on a thin layer of sugar paste before applying to your cake.

Does it taste nice?

Your edible image will be virtually tasteless.

How long will it last?

Your edible image will last for up to 6 months.

How long before the party can I put it on my cake?

This is totally up to you, the edible image will last longer than the cake it covers, however keep out of direct sunlight as this may cause the colours to fade.

How do I pay?

You can pay by cheque (payable to Beach's Bakery) or securely online with all major credit and debit cards.

Can you make me a photo cake?

Yes. click here to visit our cake ordering section.