Introducing the NEW Edible Canvas.
Eat Your Photo are once again at the cutting edge of edible photograph production.

Having searched the globe for the latest innovations in edible printing we are now able to bring to you the Edible Canvas. We can print your photos, designs, logos etc. directly on to sugar paste. This means that not only can your image be made edible and placed on your cake, your image becomes the cake.

Just like a canvas print on a frame your cake becomes a work of art and just like our edible photos you can have your photos manipulated to get the perfect effect.
Not only is the edible canvas a great new idea for your birthday cake, but it offers great money and time saving opportunities.

There's no need to ice your cake then start a seperate process of adding your picture - do it all in one easy step with the edible canvas. One process completely decorates your cake creating a work of art to be admired. Remember there will not be the extra cost of icing your cake, the icing and picture are as one.

The possibilities do not stop there. You can have your image as the main focal point of your cake or you can use an image as a background for your design, grass for a golf course cake, the water under a novelty boat, paisley swirls or tartan on a wedding cake, whatever you desire.
Also the cake now becomes 3D, its not just the top of your cake that can be the decorated, but the sides become part of your design.