Choosing the Right Image

Choosing the right image can vastly improve the look of your personalised edible product.

For an Edible Photo
(including Photo Cake, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cookie, Brownie and Pizza Photos)

Choose an image of good quality - above 250kb should be fine.
When choosing your image take into consideration the shape of your icing:

We will always do our best with any image but please bear in mind that the final result will not be as good with low quality/badly proportioned images!

For a Canvas Cake

Choose an image with plenty of background all aroung the main subject:

If there is not sufficient surround,  the end result may be comprimised!

Your photos made totally edible, a world of possibilities!
Select a photo from your albums, use your own artwork or company logo, anything that can be printed can be made edible.

Place your edible image onto cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, almost any ambient food product.


Stuck for ideas - why not take a look at our set designs for some inspiration.