Hi All from EatYourPhoto

You asked, we delivered. We've been working hard on improving your EatYourPhoto experience following the customer feedback that we got. Here's what we've been up to recently...

As you may of already noticed, there has been some big changes at EatYourPhoto recently, we have redesigned our website for a more simple, clean look that is easier to use and understand. But in addition to that we have developed our new and innovative design your own platform for you to use. You will now be able to create your own design, with either your own images or our's, preview how your design is going to look and even share with your friends. This is available across our whole range of products. The software is very simple to use, you are also able to add as many photos and messages as you like with no additional cost and we can still offer our amazing lightening fast dispatch times. Cakes will now also be fully customisable and you will be able to see how your cake will look before you receive it, including our fantastic modelling of our canvas cake. If you've not seen our canvas cake designer already its really impressive.

However if this sounds a bit daunting to you, that is fine we still offer the same service as before, our "express order" will skip the designer and we will do it for you to your specification, as EatYourPhoto always has. Also signing up with EatYourPhoto will give you even more benefits, you are now able to add favourite products to your account so they are quick to get to and save multiple address should you need it and even track your order and check its status at any time! We can notify you at your request when your favourite or wishlist products are on offer to save you money on EatYourPhoto.

We didn't stop there, we are also introducing new products to our range, one being the personalised marshmallows and the rest you will have to wait and see. Yes, EatYourPhoto HQ has been very busy recently.

So take a look around and enoy the new EatYourPhoto, you can let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter, we'd love to know what people think.

For help with the website check out our help articles