My Edible Photo is Stuck!

The only problem that edible photos give us is when they stick to the backing sheet that they are sent on. They will appear thin and flimsy but we have not changed the product for 7 years and there are important reasons for this, but before we explain that let's remove the edible photo from its backing sheet.

The first thing to do...

First port of call is to place in the freezer for only 10-20 seconds with the door shut out of its packaging, we would suggest wiping the top of the freezer/drawer first to prevent water from falling on top of your edible image.

When you take the edible photo out of the freezer it should harden, fold the backing sheet away from the edible photo instead of pulling the edible photo from the sheet. Alternatively, you can bend the edible photo over the edge of a table.

Here's the technique:

If your edible photo did not harden from the freezer method, try again. If there is still no difference whatsoever proceed to the second method. However if the edible photo did harden but you couldn't get it fully off, try again and work from an area with less ink first (white or light colour). Never force off the edible photo, try again whilst its cold and eventually the edible photo will come off.

Second method…

It is too wet (absorbed too much humid air) we now need to dry it. The easiest way to start with this is using a hairdryer. Aim your hairdryer directly at the image that you’re trying to remove and check frequently whether the edible photo has hardened using the technique shown in the video above. Your edible images will become hard and you will eventually be able to fold the backing sheet away from the edible photo.

Be careful not to overdo this method, if the edible photo becomes too hot the plastic may curl. If you have done this for longer than two minutes and there is no improvement, try the next method.

Why has this happened?

Humidity, the common problem amongst many cake decorators. Your edible photo has a seal with its backing sheet to keep it intact when it arrives through your door and this is what we need to release to get it onto your cake.

When your edible photo has been in a humid environment it softens, we need to remove the moisture from it in order to use.

Third method…

This is the last port of call if your hairdryer has not dried your edible photo out, this will.

Firstly turn on your oven to the lowest heat setting.

Place your edible photo on suitable paper on a baking tray and leave on the top shelf of your oven with the door open. The dry environment and the heat of the oven will be sure to dry out your edible photo. This may take a 30 seconds or so once your oven is up to temperature but it can quickly overheat your edible photo after that so check your edible photo frequently that 1, it has dried/hardened and 2, if you fold the plastic backing sheet away from the topper does it pop off? If the answer is yes to either, take your edible photo out of the oven and begin to remove it completely of its backing sheet

Once you have taken it off its backing sheet, the seal has been broken so you can comfortably place it back onto the plastic sheet without risking having the same problem again. Giving you time to prepare your cake.

Still stuck?

If you require further help, please call us on 01773 602249. We're in the office between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.