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21/07/2019 16:53

Simple and Fast
This is our aim of the quick ordering system that is available on most personalised products on EatYourPhoto. You will still receive the same, high quality and personalised product just without having to design it yourself. There will be all the same options to personalise so nothing will be missed but the designing software is not used in this method. You will be asked to upload your image(s) on the order form and special instructions is where you will be able to add requirements like "crop to head and shoulders" or "3" square only". We will then do all the designing work for you, proofs will only be sent when required. If you would like to check how a personalised product looks, we recommend using the "design" option to order. That way you will be able to create your own design and view it on the product that you would like to order using the preview function. 

Choosing the correct size
Sizes are important and we aim to make the sizes that we do as clear as possible, especially with our personalised edible photos. All size information can we seen on each product's page under the more info tab. In addition to this, on the order form when both shape and size has been selected you will be presented with an icon displaying the dimensions.

If your ordering a personalised edible photo and require a specific size, select the size your requirement falls within and mention the size under special instructions. For example, if I require a custom 16cm circle, I select the circle in shape and large in size (19.1cm) in the special instruction box I would enter "Print at 16cm". Your edible photo will then be printed and cut to size.

Uploading Images
First select choose file, the file browser on your computer or other device will be opened and you can select the file that you require.

Secondly, select upload. Your image will be shown to the right when upload it complete.
To upload more images for your personalised edible product, select "multiple images" in the alterations option, to remove an image from your order click the cross in the top right corner.  

Please see image below showing an example of a quick order being placed. 
If you're an existing customer at EatYourPhoto you may recognise the ordering process being very similar to our old site. We understand that this is a preferred method for many and didn't want to take this option away. We hope that you find the process much easier to complete and a better experience. You will still be able to upload multiple images (with "multiple images" option in alterations) and complete your order as normal. We've also purchased new fonts and new alterations to personalise your product coming soon.

Quick Order Example
Checkout - This will add your personalised item to your basket and take you there, ready to complete your order
Continue Shopping - This will complete the order of the current personalised item, add it to your basket and take you back to our homepage to continue shopping 
Order Another - This will complete and add to the basket your current personalised item and clear the form, ready to order another of the same product.

At the time of writing the site is still being developed so this article may be updated soon after launch. If you have any queries regarding any articles please contact us. For more information on the personalised edible gifts and products that we provide take a look through our blog or each product using the menu at the top of the page.


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