The Best Part is FREE Samples!
We often work alongside content creators of all sorts to increase exposure for EatYourPhoto. Doing so creates a happy relationship for both parties. We will send free samples of our products in return for published content regarding EatYourPhoto whether its a product opinion, product review, product feature or anything else we will be happy to get involved. In return for the exposure that the content gives you will get at least a free sample of a product or muliple depending on the type of content, fully personalised to your liking and dispatched inline with any schedule and a mention from our site and social media too! Its a win-win.

Examples of content that has been made can be found on our pinterest page, which we will update as soon as we've caught up with our site development.

Want to work with us?
The process is easy, you can either drop us an email or message us via any social media platform, we monitor them regularly and we get back to you as soon as possible. We try accommodate all opportunities but please bear in mind that we have to be selective of our choice of exposure to keep inline with EatYourPhoto's ethos.

Following our recent website update we will be seeking for alternative promotions, if you have a suggestion please contact us.

Professional Cake Decorators
We supply personalised edible photos for many cake decorators that order edible photos daily from, please contact us to let us know that you would like us to upgrade your account and you will get priority on orders and assisted with speedy ordering. Our loyalty scheme will also make good savings after a short time. 

Please note this is a new service following the introduction of our new website.

If you have any queries about content on any article on EatYourPhoto please contact us and we will be happy to help. If you need any help navigating the new site please visit the help page which should be able to help you. All our personalised edible gifts now come in a beautiful gift box, take a look at our personalised confectionery section to find out more!

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