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I've forgetten my password, what do I do?
Click my profile, then look for "forgot your password?" below the email and password entry.

How long do the cakes last?
Cakes will last up to 2 weeks after reciept, they are made fresh to order.

How long do the edible photos last?
Ensure that they are sealed in the packaging provided and out of direct sunlight and they will last 6 months.

Can I collect?
Yes no problem. Our shop is open until 2:30pm during the week and until 1pm on a Saturday. 
Our address is Beach's Bakery, 48 Leabrooks Road, Derby, DE55 4HB


Where's my Order?

Items dispatched via First Class postage
We use Royal Mail's first class postage service although 90% is received next day it can take up to 3 working days (incl. Saturdays), if you haven't received your order during this time, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Items dispatched via Second Class postage
We use Royal Mail's second class postage service, second class is expected to arrive within 2 to 4 working days (incl. Saturdays), if you haven't received your order during this time, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Items dispatched with selected date
If you've been given the option to select a delivery date we're sending it via a secure courier service which means it will be delivered on the date that you've chosen, in the time period that you have selected, you will receive an email with your order information on from both us and the courier service. Keep hold of your references in case we need to query your order. If you need to change your selected date, time or address, we need 24 hours notice.

Items dispatched via recorded postage or special delivery
We use Royal Mails service for both recorded and special delivery. If you've placed an order with either of these options your order can be tracked on the Royal Mail website, when your order is processed you will be emailed a tracking ID and this can be used to see what stage your order is at. If your ordering on Friday and need your order for Saturday, "Special Delivery Saturday" must be purchased, this is the only service to guarantee your order on time. Special delivery is guaranteed before 1pm.

Dispatch to Scotland Highlands
With edible photo and chocolate orders there are no issues here as we send by standard post. With cakes that we send via courier we may need an additional day for delivery. Please consider this when placing your order and we will be in touch if there are any issues as quickly as possible.

Edible Photo Help:

What can the edible photos be applied to?
Any dry surface, fondant icing is recommended and fresh cream should be avoided. You can apply to buttercream once it has dried and formed a crust, try to keep the buttercream level. 

How long do the edible photos last?
6 months, out of direct sunlight and stored in a dry environment. Although we recommend applying the photo soon after receipt if possible.

My edible photo is soft and thin.
Our product and it has always been the same, however when the weather is humid it can soften and appear thin, making it difficult to remove from the backing sheet. In humid conditions the edible photo has absorbed too much moisture from the air and it needs to be dried please use the hairdryer or oven method mentioned on the instructions that you received with your order. Focus on dark areas of the image and the edible photo will eventually harden and easily lift from the backing. DO NOT force the edible photo off the sheet this will only make it crumble. If you are struggling, please call and we will guide you in the process or in some cases re-send your order.

My edible photo is stuck down one side.
Please place the edible photo flat in the freezer being careful to not let water get onto the picture (can cover), for 15-30 seconds and instantly try to pull the backing away from the edible photo as you take it out. Again, DO NOT force the edible photo off the sheet as you may damage it, just fold the backing sheet away from it.

Can I trim my edible photo?
Yes, you are able to use a sharp blade or craft knife to trim your edible photo before you remove it from its backing. If the edible photo is thin try to harden the edible photo first or press the knife down flat on the sheet and pull the excess away, following the image shape.

Will the edible photo bend around my cake?
It acts like paper, it will bend over one edge or around the sides of a cake however if you try to bend the edible photo over a corner it will crease.

Any allergies? Suitable for vegetarians?
They're pretty innocent, they contain no known allergens and are suitable for vegans. They are even kosher approved. 

I've received my order but there's an error.
On the rare occasion that you've received the wrong size or image please let us know as soon as possible as re-send your order with no question. If you've selected the wrong size by mistake, we will reprint at a discounted price.

Website support

Do you sell personal information and are we secure?
Never have. Never will.  Your security is very important to us, we have an SSL certificate for added security on the site and will never pass on any personal information. Feel free to check this on any online SSL checker. We will also erase your personal images after 6 months on our server. 

We are accumalating more popular queries with the new website and will update this help section soon.

Bulk Orders

What capacity do you have?
We have an emense capacity, we have our own bakery with state of the art machinary. We have not yet been limited by capacity and for an undisclosed company have delivered 2,500 photo cakes within 72 hours as well as weekly production. 

Do you offer recurring orders?
Yes, many clients have recurring orders for incentives to staff when beat targets for example. We can set this up easily, just give us a call or drop an email.

Do you offer white label?
We do but are limited with some products. Please contact us by phone or email and we can discuss this further.

Are there discounts for bulk and recurring orders?
Yes, discounts can be organised. Please contact us.

Discount Help

A discount code from social media has expired?
Unfortunately discount codes have time limits, they are sent out to the newsletter first. You may want to sign up to grab the next one.

I received an automated discount code but it doesn't work?
Please email us, let us know how it was sent to you and we will re-authorise the discount code.

Discount code doesn't exist?
You may of been given a fake code. Discount codes are guaranteed to work from the domain or social media accounts. We rarely supply discount codes via unknown third parties. 

Baking Tips

Baking tips coming...
We are working with our bakers to write some baking tips for our customers. Bear with us and they will be here soon, we will update our blog and social media when they are live.