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How to Apply Edible Photos

You’ve received your edible photo, brilliant! Now you need to know how best to apply it to your cake that’s waiting for decoration.

First and foremost, check your edible photo that it is what you were expecting and cover your cake. We recommend either fondant icing or buttercream. Fondant icing will be ready to go once applied but buttercream will need to dry and form a crust. In the meantime, let’s get your cake topper ready.

Keep your edible photos in the sealed packaging that they arrive in for as long as possible, if your using multiple sheets, take out one and leave the rest in the bag until you need them.

Removing Your Edible Photo

How to remove an edible photo from its backing.

As shown in the video above simply fold the backing sheet away from the edible photo, the topper will pop from its backing and break the seal between the two.

If you’ve tried this and the topper will not come away easily, its more than likely due to humidity. Firstly, place your edible photo in the freezer for about 20-25 seconds with the door shut.

When you take out the edible photo it should feel noticeably harder than before and try again straight away, any time in between will make the edible photo go soft again in its environment.

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