Ingredients used by EatYourPhoto

The Recipe for Quality

Our recipe for the quality that EatYourPhoto produces in every personalised edible product.

Quality Ingredients
We believe the best quality personalised cakes are made with the best ingredients. To find these we use where possible small and local business that make trusted produce with care. We've been a bakery for over 90 years so we really know our stuff about good cake and good ingredients and keep a close eye on every delivery we receive, ingredients are examined on reciept and before use to ensure that our cake will be perfect every time.

We keep as little stock as possible and receive deliveries of ingredients daily, we make all cakes fresh to order and will be received with at least 2 weeks shelf life guaranteed. Less waste for us, much better taste for you its a win-win!

Lastly but certainly not least, the people we hire at EatYourPhoto reflect our views. This means that every staff member is educated well in terms of production, hygiene and quality control. We believe a happy and clean place to work is reflected in the items that are produced and work hard to keep EatYourPhoto HQ exceeding standards.


Specific product ingredients are displayed on the product page under the info tab however the following headers will show the products suitable for people with certain dietary requirements.

Vegetarian - Edible Photos, all personalised cakes, cookies, brownies, and all printed chocolate
Gluten free - Edible Photos is all that is available currently, we are working on expanding this line.
Vegan - Edible Photos

Nut allergies - All products available. However, please note the products are made in a bakery that uses nuts on site.